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Company Profile

Company Name drawiz, inc.
Establishment July, 2008
Capital Stock 30 million yen
CEO Kenichi Sugimoto
Whereabouts 3F YSK-Bldg,3-23-1 Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,169-0075 Japan



...to think about


Thinking of the source of trouble
Think about a solution
Everyone has trouble
Just worrying will not go ahead
Identify the essence of the problem, think about what is the problem and what to improve

point of view

Judge things from every angle
Connect to a new idea
There are limits only with knowledge
Think of it as a partner's point of view without thinking about only one viewpoint

common sense

Not sticking to stereotypes
Do not be afraid of changes
Doubt what you think is natural
Think about what you need to make it successful

We will continue to think

To make dreams a reality

DRAWIZ, inc.

Brand Statement